Health Guarantee

Cute Havanese Puppy

Not all health guarantees are equal. All breeders that I am aware of offer only a REPLACEMENT GUARANTEE. They will not usually use this term, and will talk about many other details in their health guarantee other than the guarantee itself, (like the length of the agreement...lifetime guarantee!) but when all the dust settles the actual health guarantee is a REPLACEMENT GUARANTEE. What this means to you is that 6 months down the road when your puppy has a congenital problem appear, they will offer you a REPLACEMENT, IE: bring in your old puppy and we will give you a new one. This is of course something that virtually no one will do. By this point your puppy is a family member an you would never give him or her up. As a result, your guarantee, no matter how long it is for, is worthless.

Our health guarantee is totally different. It is a REPAIR GUARANTEE. We will actually write a check for surgeries or corrective measures should they become necessary to correct a congenital defect. We like everyone has our limits, and our limit is that we pay up to the price of the puppy. This guarantee will pay out as long as necessary during the life of the dog. We ask that when surgeries do not have to be hurried into that we take a cautious wait and see approach, as we feel this is in the best interest of the puppy and we will pay whenever is necessary. We do ask that the diagnostic are paid for by you the customer and that they are completed and reported to us within the first year of life. See our agreement or call us for full details.