Havanese Hand Delivery

Cute Havanese Puppy

Recently, much attention has been given to the methods used when transporting a beloved pet on an airliner. Airport security, baggage handlers, and other staff are busy with their jobs, and won't stop to take the necessary measures to ensure pet safety as they are carted off with the luggage. Imagine packing your precious baby in a tiny crate, sticking them in a dark, cold, cargo bay, and allowing them to endure the ups and downs of a flight — all alone. The potential for emotional and physical harm is obvious, making it no surprise so many pets are injured and even killed when travelling by air every year.

We simply can't imagine any of our Havanese puppies for sale ending up with a traumatic start in life, so we hand deliver every dog we sell to its forever home, no matter the distance. We personally ensure the comfort and safety of your new baby as they make their way to your home, were we will come inside and allow the puppy to acclimate to his or her surroundings as we discuss their care with you. You will be given potty training, nutritional, and other informative tips, making the extra cost worthwhile to any new pet parent. We try to keep our prices reasonable and usually lower than shipping would have cost you.

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