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    Exercise Pen
    Exercise Pen
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    30" tall exercise pen that is great to contain your puppy or adult dog, when you are away or at home. It makes potty training a breeze if you follow our system and use this pen.

    The pen has eight 24" long panels that can be configured in any size or shape you need. The metal they are made of is a higher gauge than most store bought pens, so the doors don't sag, and they last longer and are a joy to use. The pens fold up to a packet only 3 inches in thickness so they can go with you easily when you travel. The finish is Zinc Oxide, so they are corrosion resistent and won't have paint flaking off, and have a beautiful silver finish.

    These pens are a must for anyone getting a new puppy who wants to be successful at potty training, and wants it to be a much easier process. If your puppy is trained with our system, you will also be able to leave the house for many hours and the puppy will be able to happily take care of him/her self in this pen.

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