Havanese Dogs

Havanese dog breeder in Georgia

Havanese dogs make excellent companions for people of all ages and other animals. Loving and friendly, Havanese dogs are always trying to please their owners. Unlike other breeds of small dog, Havanese will never bark incessantly or bite and nip. Their potential as a guard dog is increased due to a non-aggressive yet protective nature. You also won't need to worry about shedding, as Havanese dogs do not shed and are considered widely hypoallergenic.

The Havanese dogs we breed at Noah's Little Ark are considered "classic" examples of this breed, known for their "ewok" looks and eternally young faces. We breed our dogs to have a small, round face with a short muzzle. The tiny teddy bear faces of our puppies turn into some of the cutest adult dogs you will ever see, with fantastic personalities to boot. Contact us today, or browse our available puppies to find a Havanese dog you'll adore.