Sold Havanese Puppies in Alabama

Hi Everyone! Below you will find pictures of our puppies that have sold over the past months to people in Alabama. If you are considering purchasing a puppy, or especially getting on our "Preferred Customer List" this is a great place to look at all of the puppies that have gone home already, and get an idea of what the up coming litters will look like. Use this to help you get you hopes and dreams developed, and get on our "Preferred Customer List" as soon as you can to be sure you will get the best pick of the litter possible. Enjoy!

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Georgia's Female #2 Born 10-11-20 $2175

is on her way home to Alabama with Andrew!

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Moppet's Male #1 Born 9-6-20 $1875

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Wink Twice Male #2 Born 7-14-20 $1875

is on his way home to Madison Alabama with Stephanie!

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Poppets Male #2 Born 6-15-20 $1875

is on his way home to Florence Alabama with James & Gloria!

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Xena's Female #1 Born 04-16-20 $2175

is on her way home to Alabama with Laurie!

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